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We are unwavering in our mission and act with urgency to make all science openly available. We have a passion for science and a shared desire that all human beings can live a healthy life, on a healthy planet. We know that immediate, free access to high-quality research is vital for achieving this. With open access publishing, knowledge is being shared immediately, without restrictions, enabling researchers to collaborate better and innovate faster to solve the critical challenges we face as humanity. 

Every decision we make starts with one consideration: what’s best for the researcher – the people doing the science? Our role is to provide the world’s scientists with the best, the fastest, and the most efficient publishing experience.  

This researcher-centric approach forms the basis of our four core values, which we believe are crucial to enable scientists to empower society. 


We are rigorous in everything we do and committed to only the highest quality standards.  


We work efficiently and with decisiveness to achieve results.   


We are dedicated to building communities and working together to empower each other.  


Technology is our foundation. We are bold in our decision-making, and we constantly innovate to improve. 

Graphic showing Frontiers' core values of speed, quality, innovation, and collaboration. We place the researcher at the center of everything we do